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Corns are a very small, concentrated area of thickening skin. They are usually round in shape and press into the deep layers of the skin, causing pain and discomfort to the individual whilst walking.  They are often described as feeling like a drawing pin has been inserted into the individuals foot.

As we walk or stand, our body weight is first carried on the heel then on the ball of the foot.  Here, the skin is thicker to withstand greater pressures.  When this pressure becomes intense, corns may develop, due to the thickening of the skin.  Corns can also appear from wearing tight or poorly fitting shoes, or by your foot not functioning properly.  This is when orthotics could help.

Always purchase shoes that completely accommodate your feet, making sure that they do not rub or pinch your feet.

Do not use corn plasters as they contain an acid which can cause harm to your skin.

Do not try to cut away the corn yourself with a knife or scissors.

Our Podiatrists can easily treat this condition, by removing the root of the corn.