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Diabetes is a life long health condition.  There are over 3 million people in the UK with diabetes.  It is estimated that an additional 1 million people in the UK have diabetes but don't know about it. 

Diabetes occurs when there is too much glucose in the blood and the body cannot use it.  This is because the pancreas does not produce enough, or any, insulin to help the glucose to enter the human body's cells, and then be used as energy or fuel so that you can exercise and function in normal daily life.

Diabetes can affect your feet by loss of sensation, called neuropathy.  This is usually a gradual onset.  Neuropathy can therefore leave an individual more prone to foot injury, as they may unknowingly damage their foot, for example standing on a drawing pin.  Without realising it, this could cause serious consequences.

Diabetes can also affect your feet because of reduced blood supply and increased healing time, and therefore being at an increased risk of infection and other complications.

It is important to have your feet checked at least once a year to test for adequate sensation and blood supply.  Our Podiatrists are able to provide a diabetic foot examination,  along with a detailed report for a client's GP or Specialist.