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Ingrowing Toenails


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Ingrowing toenails happen when the edge or corner of the nail grows down and cuts into the adjacent skin of your toe, becoming red, tender and swollen.

It can feel as though you have a splinter and can be extremely painful to walk on and touch. Ingrowing toenails generally affect the big toe, however it is not uncommon for other toes to be affected.

They usually start with a small amount of discomfort along the side of the nail.  At this stage, it is advisable to ask the Podiatrist to have a look and try to ease the discomfort.

Younger, sporty and active people are more prone to have ingrowing toenails. Additionally, it may occur from poor nail cutting technique or from wearing slip on shoes, socks or tights that are too tight.  Ingrowing toenails can also be genetically related.